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Kurs Nr.: 18700102
Beginn: 29.07.18 - 09:00 Uhr
Ende: 18.12.18 - 18:00 Uhr
Dozent: Elisabeth Jäger
Veranstaltungsort: Kiental
Beschreibung: Seit 1999 bieten wir dieses aussergewöhnliche Programm an: Durch praktische Mitarbeit im Betrieb sowie Einführungstage in verschiedene Körpertherapie Methoden, Kochunterricht und kreativen Angeboten zur persönlichen Entwicklung, kommen die Workstudies den Antworten wichtiger Lebens-Fragen näher. Mit bewusster Arbeit und dem sinnvollen Suchen nach Neuorientierung, sei dies um Kraft zu schöpfen und in die eigene Mitte zu kommen oder um in der Begegnung mit anderen neue Anregungen und Perspektiven zu gewinnen. Als roter Faden nehmen die Workstudies an einem 220 stündigen Qi Gong/Taiji Training mit 20 intensiven Qi Gong Halbtagen sowie täglichen Morgenübungen und Meditation teil und werden persönlich begleitet.

Da unser Workstudy Programm international ausgerichtet ist, wird im Normalfall auf Englisch unterrichtet. In seltenen Fällen kann es auch sein dass eine deutschsprachige Gruppe zustande kommt. Bei Fragen dazu könnt ihr euch gerne bei uns direkt informieren.

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Elisabeth Jäger (D/CH), Erzieherin (Kleinkind/Waldorfbereich u. Schülerhort), zertifizierte Kunst- und Gestaltungstherapeutin der APAKT, arbeitete 11 Jahre in eigener Praxis in Deutschland, lebt seit Ende 2012 in der Schweiz. Weiterbildung in systemischer Orientierung, Geistiges Heilen, energetische Massage, Lehrerin "Basiskurs – Neuer Lichtkörper" (lightflow). In ihrer Arbeit fliessen die langjährige Erfahrung und das Wissen aus allen Bereichen zusammen. Sie ist getragen von tiefer Verbundenheit, Herzenskraft und dem Bewusstsein, dass alles eins ist. Bewusstseinsentfaltung, Lebensübergänge und Familienthemen sind ihre Spezialität.

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Workstudy Program Summer

Course No.: 18700102
Start: 29.07.2018 - 09:00
End: 18.12.2018 - 18:00
Teachers: Elisabeth Jäger
Venue: Kiental
Description: Our unique program is designed to provide you with an experience of self growth and to broaden and deepen your own personal view of life while living in community with others who share the same interest.
Central part of the program are 220 hours of Qi Gong/Taiji Training (this includes morning meditation and morning exercises with experienced assistants), which will be certified in the end. Depending on availability, students have the possibility to attend the introductory days of all signature Kientalerhof workshops (Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy and Rebalancing). Depending on availability and changes in our program additional studies may include cooking classes.

Further Information

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Workstudy Content

Qi Gong/Taiji
Qi Gong is a Chinese term. In a translation Qi is the energy of life or life force. Gong means work or practice. Basically Qi Gong means nothing more than to work with energy, to exercise the force of life.

The human body is an energetic system that is run and even created by the Universal life force (Qi). In fact all expressions of life are caused by the various motions of Qi (the life force). The natural flow of Qi through our body makes us alive and feeling healthy.

Just as we care for our physical body we also should take some time to care for our energetic system. Just as we brush our teeth and comb our hair daily our energetic system needs some “hygiene”. To me the Qi Gong practice has to become a habit. I think instead of trying to get rid of “bad” habits we should rather establish some good “habits”. Just by this over the time (and practice – of “good” habits – of course) the “bad” will vanish and will even be forgotten.

In Qi Gong we call this process cultivation, which is one of the achievements in Qi Gong.
Next to the cultivation of energy other aims and fundamental principles of the Qi Gong practice are rooting, stillness, relaxation, openness, strength and natural flow.
All this is not limited only to the physical; instead the Qi connects all levels of the human life and body like physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. By this we can see that a proper Qi Gong training has to embrace all these aspects. Qi Gong is the foundation for any kind of bodywork, work with energies and martial arts like Taiji.

The base of Taiji mastery is a solid Qi Gong practice. In Qi Gong we learn to harmonize Qi – the life force and to move it deliberately within the body. This ability is then going to express in Taijiquan. The meaning of the Chinese character for Taiji is “highest principle” or “level of perfect harmony”. Quan is naming the hands (fists). Taijiquan therefore could be read as “hands moving according to the highest principle”. The hands (Yin and Yang) move in perfect harmony. You could see Taiji as a higher and more complex form of Qi Gong. More complex also because Taijiquan has its traditional roots in martial arts. The exercises and forms are therefore not only done for oneself as mostly in Qi Gong but refer to an opponent with concrete applications of self-defense. To learn Taiji on a base of regular Qi Gong practice is highly rewarding as this art can and will accompany you throughout your life. A perfect opportunity to start this way (of life) is offered to you by the Qi Gong/Taiji Workstudy Program of Kientalerhof.

Creative space for self development
In eight seminar units spread over the Workstudy period we meditate to align ourselves with our essence. Through various exercises (f.e. from art therapy) we strengthen our awareness, recognize current dynamics within ourselves or in the group and begin to develop next steps, find alternatives, detect inner resources and discover how they can be used in everyday life.
My wish is that each of us can connect with our higher self in every day life, to experience that we are always guided and that we are individuals as well as we are part of a greater whole.
Kientalerhof with its purpose and the structure of this program, in this great nature, with all the wonderful people here, is a perfect place to experience and practice all of that.

Energetic coaching
Main purpose in this energetic coaching is to assist people in this 5-month period, to get a broader view while doing every day tasks, as simple as housekeeping, dishwashing, gardening, preparing seminar-rooms… and to experience it as a small but important puzzle piece of the big picture.
Looking closer into topics that are being touched through being part of a community or in regards of finding a new direction in life. All of the contents above in self development apply for the single coaching as well on a personal level.

Target Group

The Workstudy program is for everyone interested in personal development, life experience and looking into emotional and physical health improvement.

Why choose us?

Apart from the Qi Gong training, there are many additional reasons why our Workstudy program stands out from many others!
  • Our location is sublime (just look up 'Kiental' and the surrounding area on the Internet)
  • Our cooks prepare their food with love and mostly organic and locally grown foods. On demand, there are vegetarian and vegan options
  • Work hours are structured in a way that gives the students enough free time and flexibility to pursue other interests
  • Depending on availability students have the possibility to attend the introductory days of all signature Kientalerhof workshops (Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy and Rebalancing)
  • Depending on availability and changes in our program, additional activities may include cooking classes


Your age does not matter as long as you are young at heart, come with an open mind and have a desire to learn. You should know how to speak English as the program is held in English and the main language spoken in the house is English. The program may be especially perfect for you, if…
  • you want to learn how you can take care of yourself on an emotional and physical level and not be so affected by exterior stimuli
  • you are interested in setting the footprint for a Qi Gong/Taiji practice that may end up accompanying you for a lifetime
  • you want to challenge yourself to establish a regular (Qi Gong/Taiji) practice for at least 4.5 months (in a world of constant change, a regular Qi Gong/Taiji practice may just be that one constant that you secretly have been looking for)
  • you are a bodyworker and/or energy worker in need of a new tool to take care of your own emotional and physical needs


The work part consists of 5 hours of work a day, 5 days a week, in different departments of the house in exchange for room and board. Students have one full day off, an additional day (so called "course day") can be used for extra-curricular activities such as the ones mentioned before. Course fee is CHF 500 per month (includes QiGong lessons, self development sessions, introduction day for available therapeutic methods, food and accommodation and many more extras such as pool, sauna and other group activities around the house).

Course Instructors

Elisabeth Jäger (D/CH), Educator (Infant/Waldorf school and after-school care), certified arts and embodiment therapist (APAKT), working 11 years in own therapeutic practice in Germany, lives since end of 2012 in Switzerland. Continued education in: systematic orientation, spiritual healing, energetic massage, Educator "Base course – New Lightbody®“ (lightflow). In her work she integrates her long experience and knowledge from all areas. She is born by deep connectivity, power of the heart and the consciousness of all things are one. Consciousness development, life transition and family topics are her specialities.

Personal Consultation

For questions or further information please contact us! Contact form, Telefon: +41 33 676 26 76.

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