Qi Gong: "Qi absenken, Entspannen, Yin pflegen - Die Bedeutung von Schlaf und Schlafqualität bei Stress, Nervosität und Burnout-Symptomen"

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Kurs Nr.: 18201605
Beginn: 23.06.18 - 09:00 Uhr
Ende: 24.06.18 - 17:00 Uhr
Dozent: Ron Timm
Veranstaltungsort: Wetzikon
Kurskosten: CHF 360.00 (exkl. Unterkunfts-, Verpflegungskosten und Kurtaxe)
Frühbucherpreis: CHF 320.00 (exkl. Unterkunfts-, Verpflegungskosten und Kurtaxe). NEU ab 01.11.16: Der Frühbucherpreis ist nur anwendbar bei einer Anzahlung von 20% 14 Tage nach Anmeldung und Bezahlung der Restkosten bis spätestens 60 Tage vor Seminarbeginn, bitte beachten Sie hierzu die Ziff 8, 20 und 21 der AGB. Die unten aufgeführten Preise für Kost & Logis sind dabei um 5% ermässigt.

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Qi Gong - Rising and Sinking - Sunrise and Sunset

Course No.: 18201605
Start: 23.06.2018 - 09:00
End: 24.06.2018 - 17:00
Teachers: Ron Timm
Venue: Wetzikon
Description: This course is the basis of every serious Qi Gong. We learn to circulate Qi, blood and fluids in our body. Wonderful set of exercises!

Course content

Rising and sinking are primal movements of life and contribute to our health and well-being. They are expressed and show themselves, among other things, in day and night rhythm, sleep and life quality, blood circulation, our body temperature and heart rate. The focused work with Qi (energy, vitality) is the basis and content of every Qi Gong practice and energy work. The essence of energy is to move, flow. When energy no longer flows or flows badly, we speak of a blockade. First of all, we are doing Qi Gong exercises in motion. We move and thus Qi moves. We are learning an exercise / form - Qi follows the exercise / form. Later in (our practice) the moving of Qi will be primary, the exercise or form should now follow the energy. On the next level we have to arrange the movements of Qi. The basic rule here is: Move Qi first - than arrange (the flow of Qi).
The first orderly movement of energy in Qi Gong is rising and falling. In this course, we will deal with it and learn a set of simple exercises. These exercises will help us to rise and sink Qi in the body in different ways and in various ways, and to realize the dynamics of rise and fall within ourselves.

The course is an excellent introduction to Qi Gong practice, its effectiveness and principles.

Cours aims

  • Learn, feel and control the forces of rising and sinking
  • Rising and sinking and their counterparts (Yin and Yang) in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Steering and guiding Qi, blood and fluids in certain channels within the body
  • Connection of upper and lower body as well as center and periphery
  • Improve the mobility and control of the spine and the permeability of the entire body tissue

Target group

All Qi Gong interested, Qi-Gong practitioners, body therapists, meditators ...


Open to everybody.


12 hours education/advanced training EMR/ASCA compliant.

Course instructor

Ron Timm (D), training in martial arts since 1990, Qi Gong, Kung Fu, Taiji with Master Thammavong, Laos, study of the Healing Dao System with Robert Stooss, Sen Healing Dao Instructor, Tao Center Mannheim, practicing Zazen and taoist meditation. Since 1997, Shiatsu Therapist graduated from Saul Goodman (founder ISS-Kiental), student of Master Peng Wu Chi, Taiwan, studied Seiki Soho with Akinobu Kishi Sensei. Student of Bruce Frantzis, USA. Energy Arts - Daoist Qi Gong of the waterway. Energy Arts Instructor.

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Tuition: CHF 360.00 (excl. Full board, lodging and visitor's tax)
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