As humans, we are present in the here and now in our body experience. But we also learn and unfold our ability to cope in the world, to perceive appropriately and to realize values as embodied beings. We are not simply observing life, but are embedded in its wholeness. The experience of this embedding in life is called embodiment.

From the very beginning, this idea of embodiment has been in the heart of Kientalerhof. Around it, training and further education in bodywork, Qi Gong, dance, movement, music, meditation and coaching are gathered.
In all of them the wish is expressed: We want to meet here in the present, where life happens, together, with joy and seriousness. We meet so that we can share our perceptions, values and experiences. But by embodiment we mean even more: whatever we are, whatever we do and can do – its real value lies in the fact that we can embody it as a whole person. When embodied in us, it can come into the present wherever and whenever life calls for it. This is more than competence, this is embodied human maturity.

We understand further education as the path to embodiment. We offer a wide range of cross-method training courses, i.e. courses that are not method-specific but EMR/ASCA compliant.
Those who are interested in a second body therapy method in addition to their current profession and would like to integrate it into their practice can also attend the first training level of each course as EMR/ASCA compliant advanced training.

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2 Days

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