Initiatic Sword Work

These are times of change. Where do you position yourself? Where is your anchor, your center, the most important thing in your life and how much do you do for it?

In the old myths, legends, religious images, the brave appear again and again, who face the dragon, evil and temptation with the sword. Are you ready to stand up for what is most sacred to you?

The crises and conflicts that take place in the world have their analogy within us. They are the ones that we have to fight out with ourselves and within ourselves. There are hours when the darkness seems overwhelming, when comfort lulls you, you are close to giving up. Do you know when the voices in your head tell you something about your smallness and insignificance?

How would that be,
if you now had a tool to reconnect you to joy, to remind you of your true greatness, to serve as an anchor and position light, to help you straighten up?

How about,
if you could feel your body whole, alive and positive, no longer whirling because you let your attention become more and more anchored in the body? If you could rely on the carrying capacity of the earth – because you simply feel it?

We work with a special set of energy exercises based on focusing in the hara, the “sea of chi,” a force field in the lower abdomen. These exercises have an immediate effect, can be felt immediately, regardless of knowledge or level of training. Hara can be the source of any action, be it talking, walking, gesturing – or even mentally, when you focus your thoughts on something.

How would that be,
if you could mobilize unimagined forces, because you can draw the power from this source?

The sword is a wonderful symbol for your energy: everything begins with you drawing the sword: deciding. When you have decided to bring the sword, and with it your energy, into the world, your awareness becomes wide, and you come into a state of comprehensive awareness. You can, with practice, bring action into the world without leaving your sensing or your balance: shoulders relaxed, feet firmly on the ground, centered in the hara. And in clear alignment!

Every detail of a sword stroke or sequence of movements (kata in Japanese) is important and full of symbolic power. When you understand and feel this, you can change your posture or alignment yourself and find that it makes a difference in the world and is reflected in your everyday life.

How would that be if you could stand in the world powerfully, with an open heart, free of fear and clear.

The sword work teaches you to come into your power, to stand, to face the primal fear of death and to find your courage. It also helps you to strengthen the voice of the heart and to renew the connection with the Great Power, the Great Order, to stand resolute and aligned.

“Initiatic” is the name of the sword work, because in the work you come to a threshold transition, after crossing which no permanent return to lethargy, hopelessness, darkness is possible.

As individual as we are, whatever our own way, our practice looks like – we also need community! People who are willing to drop the veils behind which we hide our true greatness and look behind those of fellow sisters and brothers to end the game of hide and seek. People who join us in celebrating our progress along the way, laughing with us and and backing us up when we weaken.

Sword groups are where those who want to walk this path together with others and support each other for the duration of this self-commitment can be found.


Training structure

The training takes place in 3 training years. It is also possible to book only the first year. However, each training year must be booked as a whole. Each training year consists of 3 extended weekends and 1 sword week. In the second and third year of training there is also the possibility to participate in an intensive sword week in Tuscany (optional).

Only those who take part in all three year groups can complete the training in Initiatic Swordwork with a certificate and authorization to teach. You will then be able to lead sword groups yourself, responsibly accompany people in their needs, on their search for meaning with the means of Initiatic Swordwork.

2 Days

3 Days

2 Days