Cranio 3 incl. Repetition Day 2 - Kientalerhof

Cranio 3 incl. Repetition Day 2


20. Feb. 2024 - 11:00 Uhr -
25. Feb. 2024 - 13:00 Uhr


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Training biodynamic craniosacral therapy, level 3

The state of tension equilibrium, the membranes and the fulcrum

Course content

A fulcrum is a point around which dynamic patterns in the body are organized. It is a universal principle that organizes all movement in nature. They are a function rather than a structure in the human body and are always spatially oriented toward the midline. This means that through proper therapeutic contact, they can orient themselves back to their original state of equilibrium in a very natural way.

This level of training focuses on sensing dynamics in the membrane system, and the effects on the fluid body of the PRS. This includes sensing natural fulcrums and the fulcrums that organize a new experience of the organism. They have an inherent capacity for self-correction, as at the center of each fulcrum is present the potency of the breath of life. We experience in our contact with the living anatomy one of the important clinical concepts: the stage of balanced tension. The potency of the Breath of Life is directly expressed in the state of balanced tension. The 3-step healing process according to Dr. Rollin Beckers is also a course topic. This level of training is an essential step for deepening, as some of the basic healing principles in the cranial concept are introduced and practiced.

  • The fluid body and histology of the connective tissues
  • Stages of balanced tension
  • Sensing natural fulcrums on the midline
  • Differentiation of different qualities in the biodynamic organism, practicing different concepts of palpation, feeling structure
  • stress, shock and trauma, its physiology and resource-oriented regulation in connection with the concept of fulcrum
  • deepened use of language in accompanying therapeutic processes
  • The four levels of perception
  • Reciprocal tension membrane system Anatomy and physiology of this membrane system and its relationship to the bones of the cranio-sacral system
  • Specialization of the cranio-sacral membrane
  • Embryological development of the fascia and intracranial membranes (meninges)
  • The membranous core-link between the skull base and the pelvis
  • Cybernetic systems, basic ideas
  • Stillpoint, state of balanced tension, the neutral, wholistic shift
  • KT Basics Introduction

Course aims

The participants
  • Learn about the membrane system as a whole (anatomy/physiology and relationship to bones of the CST system, intracranial menbranes, (meninges) Core Link)
  • Understand what a fulcrum is (pivot point)
  • Know Fulcra in the craniosacral context. (SBG, Sutherland's Fulcrum, lamina terminalis, C7, L5, ML)
  • Explain to their practice partners, and later to their clients, what a fulcrum is
  • Apply the knowledge of Fulcra in their practice
  • Perceive the natural Fulcra on the midline
  • Distinguish and work with inert/inert Fulcra and natural/biodynamic Fulcra
  • Feel the effects of fulcra on the membrane system and fluid body of the PRS, the primary respiratory system
  • Recognize stages of balanced tension: point of balanced tension/state of balanced tension/holistic shift/the neutral (Jim Jealous)
  • Deepen the resource work in application and communication
  • Deepen the 4 levels of perception in application and communication
  • Deepen the concepts of biological processing of stress, shock and trauma, its physiology and resource-oriented regulation
  • Know what constitutes a cybernetic system
  • Are familiar with the basics of KT

  • Prerequisites

    Attendance of level 1-2 of ISBC


    40 hours of training, EMR/ASCA compliant


    Course Instructor

    Course teacher


    Basic training, Further Education, Tronc Commun Principal of the ISBCT Kiental, lecturer at the ISBCT Kiental, practice for craniosacral therapy in Lenzburg with babies, children and adults, supervisor Craniosuisse and supervisor OdAKT, communication and process work, graduate training and group leader training at the Gesellschaft für Idiolektik (GIG) in Würzburg.

    Course teacher


    Basic training Physiotherapist, basic knowledge in movement pedagogy. Many years of experience in different dance and movement forms. Practice for craniosacral therapy in Basel for babies, children and adults. Training in craniosacral therapy with Friedrich Wolf at Kientalerhof. Cranio teacher training with Liliane Fehlmann and Friedrich Wolf. Supervisor CranioSuisse.

    Course costs

    CHF 1280 (excl. accommodation, meals and tourist tax)

    CHF 1150 (excl. accommodation, meals and tourist tax). The early bird price is only applicable for a down payment of 20% 14 days after registration and payment of the remaining costs up to 60 days before the seminar begins. Please note sections 8, 20 and 21 of the terms and conditions.

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