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Cranio-Examen KT


23. Nov. 2024 - 08:00 Uhr -
24. Nov. 2024 - 17:00 Uhr


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Basic training, Further Education, Tronc Commun Principal of the ISBCT Kiental, lecturer at the ISBCT Kiental, practice for craniosacral therapy in Lenzburg with babies, children and adults, supervisor Craniosuisse and supervisor OdAKT, communication and process work, graduate training and group leader training at the Gesellschaft für Idiolektik (GIG) in Würzburg.

Course costs

CHF 1100 (excl. accommodation, meals and tourist tax)

Prices for full board and lodging for 1 day (if required)CHF
ChieneHuus: Single occupancy of 2-bed-room with shower/toilet218.00
ChieneHuus: 2-bed-room with shower/toilet168.00
Kientalerhof: Single occupancy of 2-bed-room with shower/toilet168.00
Kientalerhof: 1-bed-room with shower/toilet158.00
Kientalerhof: Single occupancy of 2-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor138.00
Kientalerhof: 2-bed-room with shower/toilet128.00
Kientalerhof: 2-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor113.00
Kientalerhof: 3-bed-room with shower/toilet113.00
Kientalerhof: 3-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor98.00
Kientalerhof: 4-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor88.00
Usage of Kientalerhof infrastructure if lodging outside Kientalerhof10.00

Personal advice

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Elsa Sousa

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