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Trager introduction days


06. Jan. 2024 - 09:00 Uhr -
07. Jan. 2024 - 18:00 Uhr


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Trager Therapy

Trager is a highly developed form of integrative touch and movement that begins with this remarkable idea: It is possible to teach anyone to experience themselves as healthy and whole.

Course content

The genius of Dr. Milton Trager was his understanding that nothing long-lasting happens until the patient feels the changes in his tissues and is taught to return to that feeling state through practice.

As the Trager therapist we, learn to read the clients habitual movement patterns and to teach them how to shift to a more comfortable way of being and a more efficient way to move through their lives. We learn to do this with a remarkable honesty and gentle touch that can recall for the client the memory of a child being cradled and rocked by a parent.

Through lecture, demonstration and practice, we will learn:
  • Mentastics® Self Care Movement exercises to keep us comfortable as the therapist as we work. We will teach these to our clients so that they may elicit similar changes on their own
  • How inquiry and a meditative presence transform touch into a language that reaches the clients unconscious
  • In these two days we learn some basic manipulations

Course aims

The participants
  • are able to use the Trager principles without effort and without feeling the tension of repetitive movements
  • learn to give feedback and to receive feedback from other students, assistants, tutors and instructors

Target group

Therapists and students of various body and mind disciplines. Anyone who is interested in the TRAGER education.


Anyone with an interest in touch and movement. Anyone who is interested in working in an easier way, in taking better care of themselves while they work.


14 hours education/advanced training EMR/ASCA compliant.


Daniela Rusconi, Idaplatz 2a, 8003 Zürich


CHF 370

Further information and registration:

Mail Trager Schule Schweiz

For all Trager courses we offer a 50% discount on the course price (excl. Board and lodging) for repetition of the course. Please add a note when registering.
This course is also interesting for other therapy methods as a further education.

Bring along

Comfortable clothing, house shoes.

Course language

English and German

Further information

Video über Trager® Approach (Englisch)


Course Instructor

Course teacher

Tekeal RILEY

(CAN/CH) began her journey with Trager in 1991. She is a Trager Instructor and Tutor in Bern. Her work draws from a wide range of experience in contemporary dance, yoga and somatic movement. Tekeal comes from Canada and is a dual citizen.

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Lilly Galic