TEL-Regio (geschlossene Gruppe)-en - Kientalerhof

TEL-Regio (geschlossene Gruppe) (ext. organizer)

RO 423058

29. Sep. 2023 - 18:00 Uhr -
01. Oct. 2023 - 14:00 Uhr



Note: Thank you for your interest in our course. This course has already started. Please contact directly if you are interested in a late entry. Our course managers will be happy to inform you if this is possible.
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Zimmerreservierung im Kientalerhof

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Prices per person for full board and lodging for 2 nightsCHF
Single occupancy of 2-bed-room clay or wood100 with shower/toilet466.00
2-bed-room clay or wood100 with shower/toilet366.00
Single occupancy of 2-bed-room with shower/toilet366.00
1-bed-room with shower/toilet346.00
Single occupancy of 2-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor306.00
2-bed-room with shower/toilet286.00
2-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor256.00
3-bed-room with shower/toilet276.00
3-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor226.00
4-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor206.00

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