Music Improvisation (MLP) Summer Session - Kientalerhof

Music Improvisation (MLP) Summer Session


10. Jul. 2023 - 18:00 Uhr -
15. Jul. 2023 - 12:30 Uhr




Christoph WIESMANN

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Music Improvisation as a liberating way to spontaneous musical expression and inspiring work in / with gro ups. This can be done in individual workshops or through a 3-year training program with European and American MLP teachers.

This unique course is meant for people with different professional backgrounds and musical abilities and a great interest in music. Professional musicians as well as amateurs get very valuable inspiration in regards to the development of their musical expression and communication skills.

Furthermore, this course will help develop the ability to guide groups in a sensitive way. No special music education is required. Anyone who wants to develop his love for music and his musical expression is welcome.
The workshops can be booked individually. Entering the entire training program is possible at any time.

"I cannot improvise!"
Prove yourself wrong!

The liberating and supportive atmosphere of this workshop makes it easy to enter a common groove with the help of instruments, voice and your whole body. Consequently, engaging in a spontaneous musical communication or even exposing yourself with an expressive solo has never been easier.

Course content

Various fields of experience touch and inspire the participants:
  • diving into the dynamics of the whole group and letting go of inhibitions
  • entering into the intimacy of a subtle musical dialogue with an open mind and "going as deep as possible" as David Darling suggests
  • having your voice be heard in unexpected ways and realize: Yes, that's me!
  • leading a small group to a specific musical expression with clarity and a calm presence
  • listening and letting yourself be touched by the authentic expression of a solo performance

Return to child - our music improvisation takes a child's playful nature as a model: relaxed, curious and astonished, reaching out for all that is new. The simple improvisation techniques and principles that are taught in these courses allow for a musical exchange to occur on all levels, make deeper experiences possible and help achieve greater confidence in musical expression.

Target group

These workshops are ideal for musicians, music educators, teachers and group leaders, music, art and movement therapists, employment therapists and music lovers. The experiences gained in these workshops are so rich and varied that everyone can take their own impetus for their professional and personal development.

Course requirements

No prior knowledge is necessary, love of music is key!

We are all capable of expressing ourselves creatively through music and of sharing this with others. The organization "Music for People" MFP was co-founded by David Darling with the goal of making this experience a reality for as many people as possible.

20 years ago the MLP program has emerged from this organization. The idea behind it is to help people express themselves in a liberating way and make music together.

If more and more people were able to celebrate music and life together in this way this would ultimately contribute to world peace!

Structure of the course
1st year
We primarily want to familiarize ourselves with the techniques of musical improvisation as developed by "Music for People". We can then practice these techniques together and thus gain confidence in our musical abilities. This is a great way to learn from more experienced students.

2nd year
Mentorship is added for newcomers. Directing smaller groups during the workshop is an important additional experience.

Third Year
The actual implementation into everyday life is another important step. Workshops are conducted and documented outside of the official training sessions. Participants in the third year increasingly get to lead the group as a whole. Upon successful completion you will receive the certificate: "Music for People Teachers".

Objectives of MLP
MLP focuses on two areas:
  • Developing one's own improvisational abilities
  • Developing one's ability to work with (and lead) groups

4 MLP courses are offered at Kientalerhof this year - two weekends and two 5-day courses.

Further information

It is possible to visit this Seminar with translation into English. Other languages may be possible on request.

Kientalerhof offers professional translation on request – costs for a translator are: For 1 course participant CHF 120.00/day, for 2 course participants CHF 70.00/day and participant, for 3 course participants CHF 50.00/day and participant. 4 or more participants CHF 40.00/day and participant.

Please let us know as early as possible if you need translation!

Personal consultation

For questions or further information please contact us! Contact form, Telephone: +41 33 676 26 76.

Course Instructor

Course teacher


Multi-instrumentalist with focus on ethnic music. Self-expression through music improvisation, drum circles and new forms of teaching. Mary travels throughout the U.S. and gives music improvisation workshops, school performances and organizes music retreats.

Course teacher

Christoph WIESMANN

Multi-instrumentalist, classical education, many years of experience in various styles (classical music, jazz, ethno...) Works as saxophone, oboe and improvisation teacher. The joy of spontaneous musical expression with voice and instruments brought him together with David Darling. July 2004 Completion of the MLP training

Course costs

CHF 810 (excl. accommodation, meals and tourist tax)

Prices per person for full board and lodging for 5 nightsCHF
Single occupancy of 2-bed-room clay or wood100 with shower/toilet1'165.00
2-bed-room clay or wood100 with shower/toilet865.00
Single occupancy of 2-bed-room with shower/toilet915.00
1-bed-room with shower/toilet865.00
Single occupancy of 2-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor815.00
2-bed-room with shower/toilet690.00
2-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor640.00
3-bed-room with shower/toilet640.00
3-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor540.00
4-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor490.00

Personal advice

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Sarah Waldhauser