Trager Therapy Level 1.2 - Kientalerhof

Trager Therapy Level 1.2


21. Sep. 2023 - 10:00 Uhr -
24. Sep. 2023 - 15:00 Uhr


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The importance of touch: we explore listening, presence and connection.

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou

The meaning of touch: We explore listening, presence and connectedness.
During our four days together we will use the principles of Trager Therapy as experiential tools to slow down and let the "noise" of our daily lives fade into the background. Trager principles include gentle movement, feeling for weight, the art of pausing and several more. When we begin to internalise these principles, long-standing patterns of tension can be released (within ourselves and our clients) that may manifest as chronic pain, functional limitation and rigidity of mindset and body structure.

Learning content

  • the process of hook-up: moving the attention inwardly, physically, holistically (meditatively) and opening all the senses enable us to become aware of our interconnectedness with everything.
  • the most important basic skills (grounding, orientation, connection, mentastics, pauses, inner and outer posture) in contact with oneself and with other people
  • the concept of orientation towards what is healthy and whole in life
  • guided exchange of experience of hand postures with Directions of movement in each region of the body Supine and prone postures
  • concept and feeling of the three dimensional fascial network and ist dynamics in the body at rest and in movement with a partner (biotensegrity)
  • the anatomical/physiological connections of the autonomous nervous system
  • introduction to the feedback loop
  • introduction to the possibilities of communication, what Trager therapy is, and the history of Trager therapy
  • discussion of contraindications; suggestion to work on 'healthy' people as learners in order to develop a basis for 'normal'
  • accompanying the individual and group processes
  • discussing the next steps and the practicum part
  • discussing the recordings of the practice sessions

The participants

  • know the process of Hook up, understand ist importance in the Trager therapeutic process and know that it is Milton Trager's word for a meditative presence.
  • are able to apply the most important basic skills (grounding, connection, elasticity, sculpting, pausing, inner and outer posture) through Mentastics and give clients the idea to integrate them into everyday life
  • begin to recognise, apply and live the concept of salutogenesis: the holistic orientation towards what is healthy
  • know individual hand postures with directions of movement in each body region back and belly position
  • have an understanding of the three-dimensional fascial network and ist dynamics in the body at rest and in movement (biotensegrity)
  • become aware of the existence and importance of the autonomic nervous system and experience it for themselves
  • know the difference between correction and feedback
  • know the history of Trager Therapy and can describe it in their own words
  • can explain in their own words what Trager is
  • know possibilities and limitations (contraindications) of Trager therapy
  • are able to write protocols of given and received exercise treatments

Target group

Suitable for:
  • all those who are interested in Trager training
  • all those who are starting the Trager Pro or Trager KT training

  • Prerequisites

    No special previous knowledge is required. Suitable for all those with an interest in touch and movement and in a lighter and more playful way of working.


    25 hours of training, EMR/ASCA compliant.

    Course times

    Day 1: 10 - 12.30 / 15 - 18.30 h
    Day 2: 9 - 12.30 / 15 - 18.30 h
    Day 3: 9 - 12.30 / 15 - 18.30 h
    Day 4: 9 - 12.30 / 13.30 – 15 h

    Bring along

    Comfortable clothes, slippers if necessary.

    More information

    Video about Trager Therapy

    Course Instructor

    Course teacher

    Tekeal RILEY

    (CAN/CH) began her journey with Trager in 1991. She is a Trager Practitioner and Tutor in Bern and currently an Instructor Trainee. Her work draws from a wide range of experience in contemporary dance, yoga and somatic movement. Tekeal comes from Canada and is a dual citizen.

    Course costs

    CHF 760 (excl. accommodation, meals and tourist tax)

    CHF 685 (excl. accommodation, meals and tourist tax). The early bird price is only applicable for a down payment of 20% 14 days after registration and payment of the remaining costs up to 60 days before the seminar begins. Please note sections 8, 20 and 21 of the terms and conditions.

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    Personal advice

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    Elsa Sousa

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