Dance of the Heart - Introduction into Whirling and Sema Ritual with Paramjyoti C. Stieber - Kientalerhof

Dance of the Heart - Introduction into Whirling and Sema Ritual with Paramjyoti C. Stieber


22. Mar. 2024 - 18:00 Uhr -
24. Mar. 2024 - 13:30 Uhr


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A weekend with Paramjyoti C. Stieber (dancer and founder of „Dance of the Heart“) and the musicians Herbert Walter (oud, ney, voice, guitar) and Daniel Haas (percussion).

Come, dance with me, come, dance!

Course Content

Experience with Paramjyoti the mystical world of Whirling and Sema (Sufi ritual), where there is music, singing and dancing. Experience an approach that honors, transmits and goes beyond the traditional form, origin and spiritual path of Sufism, represented by musician and music therapist Herbert Walter.

Our practice emphasizes on the heart. We connect with THAT, which is dearest and most essential to each of us.
Individual prayers emerge, form a common prayer and support the collective.

Sema is the experience and celebration of what truly moves us.


In addition to the whirling known from the Sufi tradition, we learn alternative ways of using dance as a prayer. Anyone is welcome to participate, regardless of physical fitness level or health condition.

Remark/h2>11 hours

Friday, Opening & „Dance of the Heart“
19.30 - 21.00
Saturday, Introduction into Whirling and Sema
09.15 - 12.15
15.00 - 17.00
19.30 - 21.00
Sunday: Sema & Circle of presence
09.30 - 12.30


Comfortable clothing. A water bottle if needed. Warm, well-fitting socks or even dance shoes with leather soles if you feel more comfortable in them. If you have a long wide skirt, feel free to bring it.

Course Instructor

Course teacher

Herbert WALTER

is a musician, music therapist and music educator specializing in oriental music as well as ethno music. He learned Sufi music from Rahmi Oruc Güvenc - a Sufi master in the tradition of the Mevlevis and taught at his school for ancient oriental music therapy in Austria.

Course teacher

Daniel HAAS

is a musician, Taketina rhythm teacher and percussionist. He conducts his own seminars and plays in various formations, moving among other things in the music of the Middle to Middle East and free improvisation.

Course teacher

Paramjyoti Carola STIEBER

is a certified stage dancer, founder of her school for sacred dance Devadasi - Dance of the Heart, and director of the artistic documentary film "Im Spiegel Deines Angesichts".

Course costs

CHF 385 (excl. accommodation, meals and tourist tax)

CHF 350 (excl. accommodation, meals and tourist tax). The early bird price is only applicable for a down payment of 20% 14 days after registration and payment of the remaining costs up to 60 days before the seminar begins. Please note sections 8, 20 and 21 of the terms and conditions.

Prices per person for full board and lodging for 2 nightsCHF
Single occupancy of 2-bed-room clay or wood100 with shower/toilet476.00
2-bed-room clay or wood100 with shower/toilet356.00
Single occupancy of 2-bed-room with shower/toilet376.00
1-bed-room with shower/toilet356.00
Single occupancy of 2-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor336.00
2-bed-room with shower/toilet286.00
2-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor266.00
3-bed-room with shower/toilet266.00
3-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor226.00
4-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor206.00

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