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Trager Level 13 Reflex Response Basic Course (ext. organizer)

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13. Apr. 2023 - 10:00 Uhr -
16. Apr. 2023 - 15:00 Uhr


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The Reflex Response Basic Course is a continuation and deepening of our Trager work, based on principles we are already familiar with. When we incorporate Reflex Response into a session, it requires the active involvement of the client. The application requires clear verbal guidance from the practitioner of desired movement directions and actions. The effects are often instantaneous and profound. Working in diads and triads we develop the ability to touch precisely and clearly and the accompaniment of clear and direct verbal communication. Reflex Response is a direct way to release unconscious holding patterns, which allows to experience more freedom. But it can also activate and stimulate, it depends on what the structure and tissue need.

The participants

  • Understand how to appropriately integrate Reflex Response into treatment
  • have practical experience to increase their sensitivity while working with the principles of subtlety, softness and gentleness of movement
  • are able to work with reflexes and make the connection between brain and nerves and muscles more conscious and clear through clear communication
  • Have experience using Mentastics and Reflex Response to raise awareness and facilitate changes in posture and gait


Thu: 10 - 12.30 / 15 - 18.30 h
Fri: 9 - 12.30 / 15 - 18.30 h
Sat: 9 - 12.30 / 15 - 18.30 h
Son: 9 - 12.30 / 14 - 15 h


25 hours of continuing education, EMR and ASCA complaint

Further information and registration:

By mail to Trager School Switzerland.

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Course lecturer

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became a physical therapist in 1974 and later, after being first experienced reflex response in a session with a Trager practitioner. Response had experienced, she was drawn to Trager. This experience and the continuing fascination with Reflex Response inspired her to become a 2002 Trager practitioner, to become a tutor in 2006, and is now a solo instructor. She has organized Trager in Egypt for the past 20 years and now teaches the now teaches the Trager community there. Katriona is married and has been living in Cairo, Egypt since 1975, where she has a full-time practice and has led active childbirth classes for women in Egypt for the past 30 years. She has learned Somatic Experiencing® to complement her work, which allows her to help clients Coping with major and minor traumatic events in their lives.

Prices per person for full board and lodging for 3 nightsCHF
Single occupancy of 2-bed-room clay or wood100 with shower/toilet723.00
2-bed-room clay or wood100 with shower/toilet573.00
Single occupancy of 2-bed-room with shower/toilet573.00
1-bed-room with shower/toilet543.00
Single occupancy of 2-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor483.00
2-bed-room with shower/toilet453.00
2-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor408.00
3-bed-room with shower/toilet438.00
3-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor363.00
4-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor333.00

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Elsa Sousa

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