Introduction to Vipassana Insight Dialogue: Wise Communication as a Path to Insight with Bhante Sukhacitto - Kientalerhof

Introduction to Vipassana Insight Dialogue: Wise Communication as a Path to Insight with Bhante Sukhacitto


05. Jun. 2023 - 10:00 Uhr -
08. Jun. 2023 - 16:00 Uhr


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The Power and Challenge of Shared Meditation: Insight Dialogue is an interpersonal meditation practice based on Vipassana (insight meditation). Through dialogue, the mindfulness and peace of mind of the traditional silent meditation practice is brought into interaction with others. This allows us to notice and understand things we normally overlook in the busyness of our lives, and to be more accepting of ourselves and others.

As human beings, we are beings who are in relationship with each other. As we awaken to this experience, insight, clarity, ease and joy flow into our relationship with others.

In this retreat we meditate with each other - not side by side - , fully in connection and truly meditating.

The Insight Dialogue

The Insight Dialogue is based on three foundations: meditative qualities, the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, and interpersonal relationships. The practice has the same goals and traditional roots as silent meditation: the development of mindfulness, compassion, and liberating insight.

Six meditation guidelines form the core of the insight dialogue:
  • Pause
  • .
  • Relax
  • Open
  • Attune to Emergence
  • Listen deeply
  • Telling the truth

They help us establish and maintain meditative skills of the mind as participants contemplate profound themes that foster direct and intimate engagement with the human experience. The essence of the practice is to become aware of how the heart and mind function, how habits hold us captive, and what remains when those habits dissolve.

We will cultivate mindfulness, quiet concentration, the inquiring mind, energy and other meditative qualities. This will be done through alternating guided insight dialogue and silent meditation. In the practice, we are introduced step by step to the meditation instructions of the insight dialogue and guided in contemplation. Silence and dialogue complement each other alternately. Outside of the dialogues, the course takes place in Noble Silence.

It is an opportunity to connect directly with the relational level of our humanity. These exercises help us to stay present and with the other person even in difficult situations, to deal more easily with social tensions and anxiety, and to become aware of ingrained habits. In the insight dialogue we come into direct personal contact with central human experiences.

In the exercise we will be familiarized step by step with the meditation instructions of the Insight Dialogue and guided in contemplation. Silence and dialogue complement each other in alternation. Dhamma reflections and time for questions and answers and sharing are included.

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The course is suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners.


According to Buddhist tradition, the teachers do not charge a fee. However, they depend on donations at the end of the course for their livelihood. The Kientalerhof charges CHF 150.00 + board & lodging according to room category for organization and facilities. Please bring your donation in cash. There is no ATM in the Kiental.

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or in the book "Insight Dialogue" by Gregory Kramer (Arbor Publishing)

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Born in 1963, met the teacher Ajahn Buddhadasa in Thailand in 1986 and has been a fully ordained monk of the Theravada school since 1990. He returned to the West in 1993. In 2005 he became acquainted with Insight Dialogue and was trained as a teacher by Gregory Kramer and others. For a good three years he led the Kalyana Mitta Vihara House of Noble Friendship near Hanover.

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