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comes from Taiwan and has lived in Switzerland for several decades. She is a musician, music therapist, calligrapher, author, translator and reciter. For more than 30 years she has been leading courses, seminars and workshops in Switzerland and abroad - for Chinese language and calligraphy as well as in music-therapeutic self-awareness, choral music, sound meditation and Qigong. In the beginning Hsing-Chuen Schmuziger-Chen learned Qigong from Louis Jeng-Chun Chen, later from Fei Liu and Martin Schmid, among others. She attended master classes with the Dao-Master Li-Qiang Li and Xijing Shen (both are lineage holders 22nd generation of the Quanzhen Longmen School of Daoism) as well as with Yürgen Oster (Wudang Dao). In her practice COCON Musiktherapie in Lenzburg (www.musiktherapie-cocon.ch) she offers various courses and workshops, including a "Reading Circle for Daoist Philosophy". She also developed her own therapy method "TheraDao", which she already uses in her therapies and courses.


Qi Gong

Music, Sound, Voice

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