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Liza's work with people and horses: Training with Dr. David Berceli in TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) and with Dr. Robert Schleip, Werner Klingler and Tom Findley and Carla Stecco (fascia). Liza has developed a unique, gentle method of fascia release massage for humans and horses. Her techniques have evolved over the years with a combination of trauma release exercises, traditional Chinese meridian therapy, activation techniques, the latest in fascia science and neurology. She has developed a combined modality for horses and humans that combines knowledge of the fascial system with the power of the autonomic nervous system to effectively treat chronic pain and trauma. Both techniques are rooted in fascia massage and trauma management techniques, ranging from deep, slow pressure to very light and even off-body techniques. Her method helps people connect with their animals or their clients* in a profound way by learning to listen to the subtle cues of the body and emotions.


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