Desbloqueo is a basic training for energy work. Everything that touches life touches our body and touches our mind. In fact, we have nothing but these two basic energies available for our work (and for our life). So we use them.
In Desbloqueo, we dive deeply into these two basic energies and create an extraordinary sense of well-being within ourselves. Intensive, meditative physical exercises in the morning and again and again phases and moments of inner stillness both together create this special harmony within us. This our own balance is the primary tool of any energy work, be it body-oriented (Bodywork) or spiritually oriented (Spiritual Healing etc.).
Based on this, it becomes possible for every human being to perceive energy. Each and everyone in their own way. We feel, practice, reflect, become aware – feel and practice again, reflect again and become more aware: with our hands, with our whole body, with our energy field, with our inner perception. Because with our inner harmony our radiance expands at the same time – we become wide. And through trances we learn to perceive this radiance. And suddenly there is this wow effect, because what we are doing has an effect. It makes sense. We sense others, perceive their radiance, sense their energetic blockages, dissolve them. Something is happening. We let healing energy flow, people begin to radiate again.


DESBLOQUEO Level 1 to 3

Desbloqueo is divided into 3 levels (2.5 days each).
The 3 levels can only be booked as a whole and must be attended in the order in which they are scheduled.
The cost per level can be paid in 3 installments.
Building on this, DESBLOQUEO 4 – Sacred Geometry can be booked. This module deals specifically and in depth with the healing technique of “Sacred Geometry”, which is already introduced in Level 3.

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