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Esalen® Massage is based in the USA and has been developed over the last 50 years at the Esalen® Institute in California. Esalen® Massage is a gentle, conscious and structured touch on the whole body. Long-lasting stretching movements, light rocking and deep structural work in the muscle tissue, together with the energetic balancing of the body, are components of an Esalen® Massage. Long, slow strokes over the whole body create a mindful contact. Mental and emotional blockages can be detected, which are often unconsciously reflected in postures and movements.


Esalen® Massage has numerous positive effects on the physical, energetic and emotional perception of our clients.

Education in Esalen Massage


Learning in harmony with nature
We believe that prospective therapists deserve the best possible training. We are convinced that we
offer the ideal environment for comprehensive, concentrated and practice-oriented learning.


Education with diploma
The course in Esalen® Massage lasts approximately 1 1/2 years with a total of 27 days in 3 blocks. The training is recognized by the EMR (Erfahrungsmedizinisches Register) and by the ASCA (Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine).

7 Days

4 Days

7 Days

2 Days

7 Days

Further Training in Esalen Massage

The following seminars are specific training seminars in Esalen® Massage and EMR/ASCA compliant. These training courses are also open and suitable for body therapists of other methods.

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