Learning from animal

The advanced training course is based on an integrative, experimental and somatically oriented model.

Participants are introduced to resonance with animals through animal-based body therapy (or) through a simple form of shiatsu in order to be able to incorporate this experiential gain into their own practice/activities.

Body-based part of the course
Based on the TCM teachings from the human field, we learn the basics of TCM diagnostics in veterinary medicine (Shu-/Ting-/Mu-points, guidance channels and functional circles).
We look at the diagnostic images of the 5 phases of transformation in animals.
We practice manual and energetic techniques from animal shiatsu so that we can apply them in the field of health maintenance in dogs and equines.

Resonance based part of the course
We learn how to approach animals with a resonance-based, trauma-sensitive approach.
We enhance our awareness towards other living beings who do not have a verbal, but predominantly physical as well as energetic language.
We are oriented towards strengthening our physical awareness in relation to the embodied experience of animals.
We learn to enter into co-creation with animals and to recognize strategies of our own dominance behavior.
We receive techniques from mindfulness, meditation and perception training with animals.



Modules 1 – 8:

Duration: 16 days, 112 contact hours. All modules must be booked as a package!

Remark: Please let us know if you want to take your dog with you.

Also part of the course is the development and discussion of basic literature.
A preparatory course in handling horses for equine inexperienced therapists will take place before module 1.

2 Days