Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing and laying on of hands are one of the oldest and most natural healing methods known to mankind. Every human being carries the potential for spiritual healing within him- or herself. If we become aware of this capability, spiritual healing can support you in everyday life or in any therapeutic treatment method as well.

Spiritual healing is a form of energetic work, which is about healing and becoming whole (again).
Spiritual healing is more like a process than a unique event and therefore difficult to understand. Healing generally happens within time. This doesn’t diminish the marvellous beauty of it. On the contrary: spontaneous and miraculous healings are simply the wonderful exception.

This course is held in German.

Course in Spiritual Healing


Kientalerhof offers a training in spiritual healing with Matthias Weiss. It consists of 4 weekends (Friday evening to Sunday noon) within approx. 9 months.

To get acquainted with the subject and to get to know Matthias Weiss, we offer daily workshops on a regular basis.

Our course in Spiritual Healing can also be attended as further training. It is not recognized by the EMR and ASCA for the obligatory training hours, but it provides valuable therapeutic skills and opens up for completely new insights and experiences in the healing field.

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2 Days

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Further Information

Course manager

Nicole Barthel

Course management: | E-mail: nicole.barthel@kientalerhof.ch



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Interview mit Matthias Weiss

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