Systemic Constellations

EMR/ASCA compliant training series with Barbara Elisa Brantschen and Sandra May

To be connected to our deepest inner being, to feel, to be felt, to feel real and alive and to experience intimacy in relationships are essential and existential needs of every human being. Often this connection is interrupted, whether by family systemic patterns, fates, traumatic experiences, relationship problems, physical issues or spiritual crises.


Traditional systemic constellations are an effective means of finding a new approach to oneself and one’s life story, but they reach their limits in traumatic experiences. In my opinion, system builders should be sensitized to bodily reactions and behaviors from a traumatic background in order to avoid retraumatization or intensification of dissociation.


This requires a solid basic knowledge of systemic connections as well as of traumata and its consequences. The willingness of the accompanying persons to introspection (i.e. the observation of their own psychological and physical processes) and to personal development is an important basic requirement and an essential part of the course.


Systemic constellations and body-based trauma resolution complement each other to form a new type of therapeutic tool that enables sustainable and comprehensive support for people in crisis or change phases. As facilitators we create a healing space of tenderness, slowness and connectedness.

Education in Systemic Constellations


The Education Structure
The Education is divided into two parts. Each part contains 5 levels of 3 days each. The units cannot be attended individually.


Part 1: Level 1 – 5

The first 5 levels deal with the acquisition of basic knowledge about systemic connections, constellations, traumata and trauma symptoms. The body perception is sensitized and trained through specific exercises. The reflection of one’s own family system is an essential part here.


Part 2: Level 6 – 10

In the second part, the theoretical basics are deepened and the knowledge is expanded through technical literature. There is a lot of space for practicing your own constellations. Self-perception, self-resourcing and personal experience are also central in this part. The completion of the education includes a written work on a topic to be determined individually, a written and an oral examination unit.

Further Training in Systemic Constellations

The weekend workshops with Barbara Elisa Brantschen are open to everyone and can be attended as personal experience or EMR/ASCA compliant training.


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