Corona: The situation at Kientalerhof

Status: February 17, 2022

From 17 February 2022, the Federal Council has cancelled all Corona measures in Switzerland (except mask in public transport and hospital). For the Kientalerhof and the ChieneHuus this means:

- Certificate requirement is cancelled for all courses and cures.

- The mask requirement has been lifted. But even if the Corona measures are suspended, Corona is unfortunately still present. Although usually very mild, it is still annoying, especially because participants have to go home if they have symptoms. We therefore recommend wearing masks in the Kientalerhof. This applies both in the public rooms and in the course rooms during treatments. Wearing masks remains voluntary, but with this recommendation we want to support that nobody has to miss course days because of symptoms. Thank you very much.

Furthermore, it is important that students and guests with special needs please contact us so that we can discuss them.Furthermore, it is also important that anyone who feels ill stays at home. Anyone who gets symptoms of any kind during their stay at Kientalerhof or Chienehuus, please contact the reception.