Corona: The situation at Kientalerhof

 Stand: April 19, 2021

According to the new corona measures of the Federal Council, general masking is mandatory in all publicly accessible rooms, including course rooms and also during lessons.

In the entrance area inside and outside, in all corridors, in public spaces, in the dining room, on the terrace and in the course rooms a mask must therefore be worn and 1.5 m distance must be kept as well as possible. The mask can be taken off at the dining table while sitting (but not in the course rooms). During bodywork, the practitioner and the client must also wear a mask.

It is also important that students and guests with special needs please contact us so that we can discuss them. 

- In all public areas such as the entrance area inside and outside, corridors, course rooms, dining room and terrace (until you sit at the table and consume) and toilet area, a mask is mandatory.- Masks must be worn and a distance of 1.5 meters is required, both while sitting and standing and also during breaks.- Within courses and groups, as well as in the dining room at the table, this distance may be smaller (since the BAG allows this if the contact details are available)*. A maximum of 4 people may sit at the dining table.
.- Common tables are reserved for the individual course groups. We ask all guests to always sit at the same place.- The meals are served as a plate service at the kitchen counter.- If required, the meals are issued in several shifts (class by class).
- During bodywork, both giver and receiver must wear a mask. We deliver these masks to the reception at cost price (approx. 80 centimes).
- Anyone who feels ill or has a suspected case of corona in the immediate vicinity stays at home.
- If you fall ill during your stay at the Kientalerhof, please report immediately to the reception. 

*The Kientalerhof informs its guests about the following points in accordance with the BAG regulations:
- The probable shortfall of the required distance and the associated increased risk of infection
- The possibility of being contacted by the competent cantonal authority and its competence to order a quarantine if there has been contact with persons suffering from Covid-19

 Cancellation conditions

For new bookings of offers (Kientalerhof and ChieneHuus) that take place until the end of July 2021, you will benefit from facilitated cancellation conditions. Such bookings can be cancelled free of charge up to 14 days before the start of the event. For details see the detail page of the respective offer/course.