Qi Gong - Yoga

Qi Gong

In the literal translation from the Chinese language, Qi means life energy or life force and Gong means work or practice. Qi Gong is therefore the work with energy, the practice of the life force. Our human body is a subtle, energetic system that is created, maintained and enlivened by the Universal Life Force (Qi). We perceive the natural, free flow of Qi within our body as health and well-being. Any illness and sensations, however, are an expression of blockages in the energy flow. Qi is also a source of inspiration, consciousness and knowledge. When we become one with the flow of this life energy within us, our awareness and knowledge deepens. Since Qi permeates everything around us, practicing Qi Gong not only strengthens the connection with and within ourselves, but also the connection to our fellow human beings and our environment.

Qi Gong
… offers us a new, fascinating access to our body and life.
… is the basis of all energetic bodywork, meditation and the inner martial arts (Taijiquan).
… is a valuable, all-encompassing exercise system for prevention and health maintenance on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.



It is the combination of movement and mindfulness that distinguishes yoga, which originated in India. More and more people in the West also learn to appreciate this combination. Physical exercises, mental meditation and breathing techniques strengthen the body, make it more flexible and reduce stress.

Yoga is an ancient art and a philosophical teaching based on the harmony of body, mind and soul. The term comes from Sanskrit and means union. While sitting is an important part of our meditation classes, in yoga it is precisely through physical exercise that the focus is shifted away from one’s own thoughts and back to the wholeness of being.