Cranio 8 incl. Repetition Day 7 - Kientalerhof

Cranio 8 incl. Repetition Day 7


08. Oct. 2024 - 09:30 Uhr -
13. Oct. 2024 - 18:00 Uhr


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Training biodynamic craniosacral therapy level 8 incl. repetition day 7

The dynamics of birth, a new quality of anchoring the breath of life in the "source" and the phenomenon of ignition.

Course contents

At birth, the child must form a new connection with the breath of life and its potency, so that it can follow with all its strength the idea with which it enters this world. In this context, we call this "Ignition" of the Breath of Life, which connects us once again with our Source. Since the human embryo is perfect and complete in itself at every stage of its development from the moment of conception, the indwelling intelligence of the breath of life unfolds from stillness into the present and seeks connection with our consciousness. If the connection to the indwelling destiny has been weakened, for example, by birth trauma, then the child may become attached to the systemic past and to the history contained in the genetic environment. As a result, it may have to deviate from its original life plan to find a way into this world. We learn how to rekindle this "spark" even when a weakening seems to be perceptible.

This level of training gives us the opportunity to palpate and accompany the birth dynamics in the adult as well as in the child. The impressions on the skull, on the whole body and also the physiological and psychological aspects of birth are discussed. We study the typical female pelvic shapes, the stages of the birth process, we look at the effects that different medical interventions such as cesarean section, induced labor and anesthesia can have on mother and child. We gather information about our own birth experience and about the birth process itself, and learn to connect with the physiological and psychological effects of our own birth experience in a well-grounded way, free of drama in the here and now. We look at how we are shaped emotionally and physically by birth from a variety of perspectives. We also look at the effect that our modern, often technical medical way of giving birth can have on our society. We will learn ways to give tools to young parents in practice that will help them to be intentional about the actual birth and the bonding process after birth. Participants will learn in theory and practice to understand and accompany the complex process of birth in its basic features. They understand the physical, physiological and psychological connections and are able to put them into their own words.

  • The natural dynamics of birth
  • Pre- and postnatal craniosacral therapy
  • The basic needs of child and parents in the birth process
  • Pelvic forms
  • Bonding and the primary relationship, the importance for human development
  • Medical interventions in the birth process and possible consequences
  • The occiput, the atlanto-occipital joint and birth dynamic patterns
  • Accompaniment of expectant and new parents in practice
  • Effects of rapid and unconscious cutting of the umbilical cord on the liver, pericardium and sacrum
  • The physical, emotional and spiritual significance of the placenta

Course aims

Participants will
  • Know natural dynamics of birth, called stages of birth: presentation, rotational start, rotational descent, expulsion phase, birth, and bonding
  • Know how to support before and after birth with craniosacral therapy
  • Know the basic needs of child and parents in the birth process (bonding: eye contact, touch, voice offer, food)
  • Know different pelvic shapes
  • Understand the importance of bonding and primary relationships in human development
  • Deepen their experience with mindful communication around the topic of pregnancy and birth, the gentle, supportive formulation of potential risks
  • Know the common, medical interventions in the birth process and their possible consequences
  • Know the survival strategies of babies in life-threatening situations (fight-flight response, freezing, dissociation)
  • Deepen their knowledge of an activated ANS and adult survival strategies (freeze, dissociation, fight/flight or communicate)
  • Know, recognize the effects of birth on occiput and the atlanto-occipital joint and can accompany these effects with craniosacral hand postures
  • Know relative contra-indications for working with babies and young children
  • Are able to recognize a few of the signs of medical interventions (suction cup, anesthesia) on the human body and to name and describe them independently

  • Target group

    Participants of the biodynamic craniosacral training of the School for Craniosacral Therapy Kiental.


    40 hours of education/training, EMR/ASCA compliant.

    We reserve the right to change the teaching team in special situations.


    Course Instructor

    Course teacher


    Basic training, Further Education, Tronc Commun Principal of the ISBCT Kiental, lecturer at the ISBCT Kiental, practice for craniosacral therapy in Lenzburg with babies, children and adults, supervisor Craniosuisse and supervisor OdAKT, communication and process work, graduate training and group leader training at the Gesellschaft für Idiolektik (GIG) in Würzburg.

    Course teacher


    Basic training Physiotherapist, basic knowledge in movement pedagogy. Many years of experience in different dance and movement forms. Practice for craniosacral therapy in Basel for babies, children and adults. Training in craniosacral therapy with Friedrich Wolf at Kientalerhof. Cranio teacher training with Liliane Fehlmann and Friedrich Wolf. Supervisor CranioSuisse.

    Course costs

    CHF 1280 (excl. accommodation, meals and tourist tax)

    CHF 1150 (excl. accommodation, meals and tourist tax). The early bird price is only applicable for a down payment of 20% 14 days after registration and payment of the remaining costs up to 60 days before the seminar begins. Please note sections 8, 20 and 21 of the terms and conditions.

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    Tanja Oesch

    Course management Craniosacral Wetzikon, Tronc Commun Wetzikon, Lymphatic Drainage, Ayurveda Nutrition and others.

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