Our Educations

Attend your Education in an inspiring environment and become a body therapist

The Kientalerhof has a thirty-five year long tradition and invaluable experience in the field of complementary therapy and body therapy. The first step towards your own work as a therapist is a well-founded education in the field of body therapy, as we offer it. Our educations and trainings enjoy a very good reputation, and we are constantly developing all courses further in accordance with the latest findings.


All our educations take place at the Campus Kientalerhof in Kiental BE. Our education in craniosacral therapy as well as the Tronc Commun (medical basics) we also offer in Wetzikon (20 minutes by train from Zurich). Like this we are close to you, so you can be close to your home.

By clicking on one of the tiles above, you can directly access the respective method and learn more about the corresponding education. If, on the other hand, you would like to know more about our institution and our principles, you will find general information about our educational offerings and the campus in the following section.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Click here for the contact form here

Getting-to-know Afternoons and Introduction Days

We regularly hold get-to-know-you afternoons as well as introductory days in various regions (Kiental, Wetzikon, Basel, Lucerne):

  • During the getting-to-know afternoons, you have the opportunity to experience various therapies yourself in the course of half-hour trial treatments - simple and uncomplicated.

  • Our introduction days go one step further. In the course of 1-2 days, you will get to know a particular method in more depth and lay the first foundations. Anyone who afterwards starts training with us receives full recognition for the introduction days as a first level of the education.

An overview of the next dates for the cross-method get-to-know-us afternoons and the introduction days per method can be found in the section information events

Complementary therapy Switzerland: An overview

In order to give you an overview of the numerous players, degrees, abbreviations and connections in Swiss complementary therapy, we have created a small compilation. This provides general information, but also includes the concrete situation at Kientalerhof.

50% federal subsidies for graduation as "complementary therapist with federal diploma”

Anyone who decides to obtain the federal qualification "Complementary therapist with federal diploma" will be reimbursed 50% of the training costs by the federal government (up to a maximum of CHF 10,500). Further information can be found here

Organisation and education principles (mission statement, agogic concept, teaching and learning methods, ...)

If you are interested in the basics of our educations, such as our mission statement, the agogic concept and the teaching and learning methods at the Kientalerhof campus, you can find more information here here

Our locations, gastronomy and surroundings

Learning in the middle of nature – this is possible at the Campus Kientalerhof. Due to our rural location, our educations and courses create a special spirit, since the participants usually stay overnight during the training blocks and can thus fully immerse themselves in the training and the group processes. In addition, the nature around us makes it possible to take learning breaks directly outside and to air out the mind.

If you would like to learn more about our seminar rooms, accommodation, our gastronomy and our surroundings, you can find this information here

Directory of our Lecturers

Our body therapy lecturers enjoy a very good reputation and inspire many people for the topic of body therapy. You can find more information about our training and continuing education lecturers and our seminar leaders in the lecturers directory

The history of the Kientalerhof

The Kientalerhof has a long and varied history. Initially built as a sanatorium, it later served, among other things, holiday-hungry Mercedes workers from Stuttgart, before finally falling into a deep sleep. Then, Kientalerhof was kissed awake in 1985 by a group around Mario Binetti and from then on served as a centre for macrobiotics. Gradually, educations in body therapy were added, beginning with Shiatsu. This focus increased more and more. Today, the Kientalerhof is a campus for body therapy with a nationwide reputation.

Further information about the Kientalerhof, its history and its staff can be found here