Cranio 9 incl. Repetition Day 8 - Kientalerhof

Cranio 9 incl. Repetition Day 8


11. Feb. 2025 - 09:30 Uhr -
16. Feb. 2025 - 18:00 Uhr


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Training biodynamic craniosacral therapy level 9 incl. repetition day 8

The temporomandibular joint and the hyoid bone as the central connection between the base of the skull and the thorax. The floor of the mouth and its connection with the diaphragms, especially the pelvic floor.

Course contents

In this week of training we look at the essence of the human being from and with very different perspectives. We enjoy the beauty of anatomy/physiology, let ourselves be touched by embryology. The awareness of the size and power of the autonomic nervous system grows and the power of the breath of life, which holds and connects everything, becomes foreseeable. The leading theme is the theory of the three-part nervous system by Stephen Porges. The new view of the autonomic nervous system, which is possible with the help of this theory, and the new possibilities it offers in practice, are introduced and already encountered to some extent in practice at this level of training. In connection with the tripartite nervous system some cranial nerves play a role. The entirety of the cranial nerves is encountered, reflected upon and made aware of, and of course more deeply those cranial nerves that are specifically associated with the tripartite nervous system. Temporomandibular joint, masticatory muscles and ligaments of the temporomandibular joint are interesting structures in the context of the tripartite nervous system, with which we deal in theory and practice. All the above-mentioned structures we can also be shown by the embryo in the stage of the arch of the pharynx. The topic of communication gets a new importance by Stephen Porges in the context of the autonomic nervous system, in the context of health and also in relation to social contacts and being socially included. This "new" importance motivates us to reflect and share already made experiences and to expand what we have already learned in the field of communication.

  • Deepening the Biodynamic Healing Plan: the integration of the whole
  • Integration of the concepts of the State of Balance, the Neutral according to Jim JEALOUS and the "Wholistic shift" according to Franklyn SILLS
  • The dynamics and the embryological development of the temporomandibular joint (TMG)
  • The hyoid (hyoid bone) and its muscular relations to the thorax
  • The whiplash and its possible effects
  • A refined method of CV 3 (integration of the 3rd ventricle)
  • The concept of the "social nervous system" according to Stephen PORGES
  • Embryology: the pharyngeal arches
  • The 12 cranial nerves in their entirety and in particular those cranial nerves that correspond to the concept of the tripartite neural system of Stephen Porges
  • Connection of the floor of the mouth with the diaphragms, especially the pelvic floor

Course aims

The participants
  • activate their knowledge regarding the autonomic nervous system and share experiences regarding this topic
  • expand their understanding of the autonomic nervous system with the theory of the three-part nervous system of Stephen Porges and open themselves to the new thoughts and new possibilities in practice that this brings
  • recognize the importance of communication in the context of Stephen Porges' theory of the tripartite nervous system
  • deal with the temporomandibular joint in theory and practice
  • deal with the masticatory muscles and the ligamentous apparatus at the temporomandibular joint in theory and practice
  • know the 12 cranial nerves in their entirety and deepen their knowledge of the cranial nerves associated with Stephen Porge's theory of the tripartite nervous system
  • know the anatomy of the pharyngeal arches, know the cranial nerves and skeletal elements associated with the pharyngeal arches
  • approach the topic of whiplash in theory and practice and learn about the first possible encounters in practice
  • encounter in class the hyoid bone and its muscular and ligamentous connections to the whole body system

Target group

Participants of the biodynamic craniosacral training of the School for Craniosacral Therapy Kiental.


40 hours of training, EMR/ASCA compliant


Course Instructor

Course teacher


Basic training, Further Education, Tronc Commun Principal of the ISBCT Kiental, lecturer at the ISBCT Kiental, practice for craniosacral therapy in Lenzburg with babies, children and adults, supervisor Craniosuisse and supervisor OdAKT, communication and process work, graduate training and group leader training at the Gesellschaft für Idiolektik (GIG) in Würzburg.

Course teacher


Basic training Physiotherapist, basic knowledge in movement pedagogy. Many years of experience in different dance and movement forms. Practice for craniosacral therapy in Basel for babies, children and adults. Training in craniosacral therapy with Friedrich Wolf at Kientalerhof. Cranio teacher training with Liliane Fehlmann and Friedrich Wolf. Supervisor CranioSuisse.

Course costs

CHF 1280 (excl. accommodation, meals and tourist tax)

CHF 1150 (excl. accommodation, meals and tourist tax). The early bird price is only applicable for a down payment of 20% 14 days after registration and payment of the remaining costs up to 60 days before the seminar begins. Please note sections 8, 20 and 21 of the terms and conditions.

Personal advice

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Tanja Oesch

Course management Craniosacral Wetzikon, Tronc Commun Wetzikon, Lymphatic Drainage, Ayurveda Nutrition and others.

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