Jinen Butoh "The eternal transformation of life" - Japanese Art of Movement with Atsushi Takenouchi & Hiroko Komiya - Kientalerhof

Jinen Butoh "The eternal transformation of life" - Japanese Art of Movement with Atsushi Takenouchi & Hiroko Komiya


11. Aug. 2024 - 18:00 Uhr -
17. Aug. 2024 - 17:00 Uhr


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The eternal transformation of life

Where do we really come from? At the time of the Big Bang, all forms of life were composed out of a single and unique entity. If those hundreds of millions of years have built our body, we should have kept a memory of when we were water, earth, wind, fire, plants, animals, and also many forces of nature inside of us. Open the door of these memories and let's try and dance, transformed into those elements. Through dance, let's remember that our body was at one with Earth and the universe. Life, under multiple shapes, is linked to everything, and represents a dancing presence.

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All life is born from the earth. Humans have always been dancing on this earth. It is important to re-discover our body as a part of a great cycle. In this workshop we will work with our body’s movements to recognize the connection between nature/environment and ourselves through Atsushi Takenouchis JINEN Butoh Training. He will guide us into how we can create dance from this awareness, how to transform our entire environment into dance. We discover how body movement creates itself and turns into dance.

We will practice improvised dance in the studio as well as in nature. The classes are accompanied by live music, played by Hiroko Komiya. Atsushi will guide our work so that every participant will be able to create his/her own short solo or duo. On the last day there will be a presentation in nature.

Target group

This course is open for those who love nature and wants to experience the dance of nature and movements within themselves deeply and intensively. People with or without experiences in body movement or Butoh are welcome! In the nature side, every day we walk about 1 km to the site and do Butoh body movements in nature. Please ask any question if you need.


There is no specific previous experience required.


50 hours continuing education.

Bring with you

Clothes in layers for in- and outside - also: rain clothing!

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Videos on Atsushi Takenouchi’s JINEN Butoh:

Atsushi about JINEN

"Dance is devotion to life."
I learned this while traveling through the nature of JINEN. This has never changed since old times and will never change. This means I should dance to "my life", to the moment, and to now, which lasts forever.
I got my body from the earth. I got my life from the sun and the moon, my parents, my friends and my love. So I'll return the gifts to these universes. I'll return them to others through a dancing body and soul. When I see a tiny flower selflessly, I meet a dance filled with the joy of "life". And then, my body is filled up with the water of "life". The seeds of memory inside me become a bud.
The sounds of wind are the whispering of the earth. The sound of minerals is the muttering of machines. We hear the sounds of the universe through explosion and noise and stillness.
Oh, thousands of sounds, take our souls far away to our unknown world. As we travel, remind us of forgotten dances. On the sun and the moon, there are young men singing eternal songs to every place in the world. Let’s begin an ancient and modern fete of "relics of life? Holding artifice and nature - on earth.

Course Instructor

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(J), joined the butoh dance company “Hoppo-Butoh-ha“ in Hokkaido in 1980. His last performance with the company was "Takazashiki" (1984), which was worked on by Butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata. Atsushi started his own theme “Jinen Butoh” in 1986, and created solo works “Itteki” and “Ginkan,” as a universal expression of nature, earth, and ancient times, environments. He made a three-year “JINEN” tour project throughout Japan for 600 site-specific improvisations (1996–1999). Since this time, he has been inspired by the spirit of the universe of  Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno. Since 2002, he has been mainly based in Europe, working on Butoh dance collaboration projects with dancers and actors in Italy, France, Poland, Spain, U.S.A., South America, and other countries. Joining in festivals such as Paris Butoh Festival, NY Butoh Festival, Avignon off Festival etc. he has been presenting his solo pieces. At the same time, he also collaborates with film makers. The recent work in Alaska and Hawaii, “Ridden by Nature” (by Kiahkeya), an environmental art film, will be completed soon.


Course teacher


(J), (object sound, percussion and voice ) creates sounds from various objects, like water, stones and metal bowls and voice. Her music is designed to let the sound come naturally from each object, instrument, as if they are breathing and whispering of each life. She regularly accompanies Butoh dance performance and workshop by Atsushi Takenouchi. Solo CD "eau nouvelle" was released in 2009 (sometimestudio/Paris).

Course costs

CHF 680 (excl. accommodation, meals and tourist tax)

Prices for full board and lodging for 6 nights (special price)CHF
ChieneHuus (Wood 100):
ChieneHuus: Single occupancy of 2-bed-room with shower/toilet1'248.00
ChieneHuus: 2-bed-room with shower/toilet948.00
Kientalerhof: Single occupancy of 2-bed-room with shower/toilet978.00
Kientalerhof: 1-bed-room with shower/toilet918.00
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Kientalerhof: 4-bed-room, shower/toilet on floor416.00
Usage of Kientalerhof infrastructure if lodging outside Kientalerhof60.00

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