Craniosacral Therapy

Integral School for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (ISBCT Kiental)

The core of our education in craniosacral therapy is the feeling and getting to know a force that the founder of this “work”, William Garner Sutherland, called the breath of life. The breath of life is the carrier of health in our bodies and in our lives. The breath of life gives us strength and order, gives our bodies and our lives form, a direction and a certainty, an orientation as to what has to be done right now. It also shows us when it is better to be still, to accompany compassionately or to remain silent.


We learn to sense the inherent healing plan, which can be experienced in every body, in every encounter with a person and nature. This is the basis of every healing. The proximity to the supporting forces in nature that surround us in the Kiental supports us in this kind of learning.


The Cranio-Course at Kientalerhof has been accredited by the OdA-KT (Organisation der Arbeitswelt Komplementärtherapie) since 1 May 2016 and fulfils the requirements and quality standards for the federal degree in complementary therapy.


The craniosacral therapy training can be completed in Kiental BE as well as in Wetzikon ZH. It is also possible to attend individual levels at the other location if necessary (e.g. appointment

Education in Craniosacral Therapy

Learning in harmony with nature
We believe that prospective therapists deserve the best possible training. We are convinced that we offer the ideal environment for comprehensive, concentrated and practice-oriented learning.

Those who prefer to attend the training close to the Zurich area can do so at our course centre in Wetzikon ZH. 20 minutes from Zurich and a 5-minute walk from Wetzikon train station, this option offers the possibility of returning home in the evening.
Leading in theory and practice
We have poured 30 years of teaching experience into a synthesis. Based on a solid anatomical, physiological and embryological training, our training combines biodynamic and structural elements to a modern and comprehensive craniosacral therapy.


Craniosacral Therapy KT
With the training in Craniosacral Therapy KT at Kientalerhof, you acquire all the prerequisites for recognition as a complementary therapist with a federal diploma. In addition, the part-time training complies with the guidelines of EMR and ASCA and is recognized by the Swiss professional association for craniosacral therapy (CranioSuisse). The training consists of 13 levels of six days each and is completed with a diploma and industry certificate KT. Info sheet Cranio KT (German only)

Federal subsidies can be requested for the Cranio Body Therapy Education:

1 Day

2 Days

1 Day

1 Day

6 Days

2 Days

Further Training in Craniosacral Therapy

The following seminars are advanced EMR/ASCA compliant training seminars especially for craniosacral therapists. If you can already attend cross-disciplinary training courses outside of your education/method, please also note our cross-method training courses, which can be attended by all body therapists and are also EMR/ASCA compliant. Cross-method seminars.


The CranioSuisse Further Training Regulations stipulate that in the first 4 years after the date of completion (Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy) the further training must include 100% specialist courses. Further information can be found under: CranioSuisse Advanced Training Regulations CranioSuisse Advanced Training Regulations ​ (PDF, German only).


We mark these specialist courses in the title and in the section “Prerequisites” in the corresponding
course announcement.


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