Trager Therapy

Trager School Switzerland (TSS Kiental)

The question for lightness


Trager therapy is more an approach to people and their problems than a method that can be learned through facts, techniques and symptoms. The uniqueness of each person is respected and appreciated. The therapist feels the body tissue and its individual response. The basic question in every touch, every gesture and every word is: What would be lighter, freer, softer? By asking ourselves this question, we connect with the creative power of life and experience its inherent potential for self-regulation and transformation. Trager Therapy happens unintentionally from this deep connection with the source of being.

Education in Trager Therapy


Learning in harmony with nature
We believe that prospective therapists deserve the best possible training. We are convinced that we offer the ideal environment for comprehensive, concentrated and practice-oriented learning.


Two Levels:
Trager Practitioner and Trager Therapist

In order to meet the new educational situation in complementary therapy, we have restructured the Trager Therapy training. We offer two levels: Trager practitioner and Trager therapist. Trager Practitioner (levels 1-10) corresponds to the previous training, Trager Therapist (levels 11-20) is prepared for the degree in Complementary Therapy.


Trager Practitioner consists of 10 levels of 4 days each (Thu-Sun, approx. 4 levels per year). This level concludes with a Trager Practitioner Diploma, which is recognized by the EMR and ASCA.


Trager Therapist builds on Trager Practitioner and consists of 10 additional levels of 4 days each (Thu-Sun). This extended course aims to achieve the desired accreditation as a complementary therapy method. This accreditation is currently in progress and has not yet been granted. After accreditation, admission to the higher professional examination with a federal degree and subsidisation of 50% of the course costs will be possible.

Further Training in Trager Therapy

All levels, especially the higher ones from level 11, can not only be attended as Education but are also perfectly suited as EMR/ASCA compliant training. Furthermore, those who have already attended a Trager level can attend it again at a reduced rate (70% if attended at Kientalerhof, or 50% if attended at another institute). This makes it possible to dive in even deeper into the Trager Method.


Further Information