Welcome to the New Website of the Campus Kientalerhof

Welcome to the new website of the Kientalerhof. We hope that our guests, course participants and students will like it and that all content can be found quickly. 

One of the aims of the new website is to make the various fields of activity of the Kientalerhof more clearly understandable to our guests and customers. The Kientalerhof as an educational institution offers numerous education and further training courses in the field of body therapy. This focus is also clearly expressed on the new homepage. 

The ChieneHuus on the other hand, opened in 2018, is more targeted at holidaymakers and those seeking relaxation, who for example visit us for a fasting or ayurveda cure or a yoga retreat. Therefore our second homepage, www.chienehuus.ch, is aimed at a different audience than the Kientalerhof site. 

We hope you enjoy exploring the new website and we are always happy to receive praise or criticism.