Music Improvisation (MLP)

Our own musicality can be discovered and lived again and again!

Music for People and the Kientalerhof invite people interested in music to meet each other by making music, singing, playing and improvising together. Participants receive valuable impulses to further develop their musical skills or to get to know their own abilities anew. Individual courses and further education are offered. Music for People was founded in 1986 by cellist David Darling and flutist Bonnie Insull.

Simple and concretely applied instructions make it easier to exchange musical ideas and expand one’s own possibilities of expression. In this way, unique musical moments can be achieved in a safe environment, regardless of personal musical experience.


The individual workshops can be attended independently of each other as continuing education courses. Another possibility is to attend the workshops structured as a training and further education course; more information on this in the following section.


Structure and idea of the further training

Musicianship >> Encouragement of the own musical and improvisational skills.
Leadership >> Acquiring and developing knowledge and skills to guide groups to improvise.

The MLP training programme is open to all those interested in music. On the one hand, it can provide valuable impulses for musical and personal development, and on the other hand, it offers suggestions and insights for working with people. The Musicianship and Leadership Program is divided into three levels: Beginner, mentor and leader.


Training contents

Musicality and posture: Terms and techniques are presented that express central concerns of Music for People.
Musical conversation: Music as a universal language is based on listening, resonance and musical expression.
Melody, Rhythm and Harmony: You will find a variety of playing forms on this topic. The concrete instructions and practice examples can be incorporated into the improvisation as your experience increases.
Form: Structures serve soloists, ensembles and groups as an orientation aid.
Leading: You will receive suggestions on how group processes can be successfully designed.

Accompanying book available from us or in bookshops: “Basics of Improvisation”


Requirements and target group

No specific experience is required for the training. MLP is aimed at music-oriented people who wish to incorporate or place greater emphasis on free music-making in their professional or private everyday life. Before entering the program, we recommend a non-binding participation in a Music for People seminar. We would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have about the further education programme.


Effort and costs

After attending nine Music for People seminars, submitting a self-evaluation and a final project, you will be graduated and qualified to lead improvisation groups according to Music for People. There are five-day seminars in spring and summer. In autumn and winter there is one weekend seminar each, which is half credited for further education. In the learning phases between the courses, there is plenty of time to apply and try things out, either on your own or with regional group offers, especially the skills sessions. Personal continuing education focuses, the choice of seminars and their duration can be individually designed.

A Music for People seminar currently costs CHF 300 or 700 excluding overnight accommodation. The exact prices can be found below in the individual course descriptions, where you can also register directly.


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