The Shamanic Way

The shamanic formation “energy healer and transformation guide” takes you on a deep journey to yourself and into your inner self. There, you will encounter your clarity, your courage and your true greatness, but also your injured shadow parts, which want to be led into the light and into healing. In this personal step of development the jewels of your power are hidden and waiting for you. You will learn the methods for this during your annual formation.


In the indigenous tradition of the Lakotas (tribe of the Native Americans) it means that you have found your medicine when you are in your power. This path of strength and heart we will also follow within the group. I will accompany you with my many years of experience as a seminar leader, healer, coach and trainer. With my precise clairvoyance I help you to see clearly and to come lovingly to the point. Together we will follow a path to let your emotions flow more and more freely within you, so that you become more aware of your connection to everything. This step will give you an undreamt-of amount of freedom and peace.


The workshop “Trance, Shamanic Travelling and Finding the Power Animal” can be attended as a stand-alone basic course or as a trial course for the formation.



2 Days


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Kurzvideo Lehrgang "Der Energieheiler und Transformationsbegleiter"

mit Daniel Atreyu Aigner

Was macht ein Energieheiler und Transformationsbegleiter?

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