Workstudy Program

The Workstudy program at a glance.
The Workstudy program takes place annually from February to July and from July to December. It costs CHF 500 per month. Five days a week you will work 4 hours in the Campus Kientalerhof (e.g. housekeeping, kitchen, dishwash, course rooms, etc.). In addition, you will gain in-depth insights into the world of body therapy, attend introductions to various methods and enjoy the community and leisure time in the Kientaler nature. The Workstudy program is therefore ideal for a position determination, as an interruption or also for a deeper acquaintance with body therapy and finding your own method.

Nature – Silence – Community – Diversity – Fun – Learning – Collaboration
The Workstudy Program at Kientalerhof has been the insider tip for alternative and transformative time out for 20 years. Dozens of participants of all ages have been enriched and have found a new vision for their lives. Often they are still connected to the Kientalerhof and their former co-workstudies.

The value of learning and working together (Work/Study) is based on a healthy rhythm of life: the balance between structure and free space, stability and playful exploration, engagement and recreation, everyday tasks and the possibility of co-creation. In this way you can make a meaningful contribution on a larger scale, but also discover many new qualities and talents and get to know yourself in a completely new way.
We welcome you to become part of this experience!

Individual design – choose and experience three introductory courses from our offer according to your interests
You can choose from a variety of one or two-day introductory days of our high-quality training courses to select and experience exactly the forms of therapy that will make you curious. This results in a very individual workstudy program, adapted to your needs. The contents are also deepened in regular bodywork classes with Pablo.

Are you interested in a body-therapeutic training?
In the Workstudy you have the opportunity to orientate yourself! If you are interested in starting an apprenticeship at Kientalerhof, the Workstudy Program offers a good opportunity to experience the different approaches of the different forms of therapy and to feel them on your own body. This helps to find out which method appeals to you the most. For many participants, this experience has already formed the basis for a new orientation in their professional life and a new path in life.

Daily practice in physical exercises and meditation and deepening of the experiences
The program includes daily practice in meditation and physical exercises. The morning exercises from the areas of Qi Gong, yoga and mindfulness contribute to making your everyday life more conscious, learning to regulate inner processes and developing stability within yourself.

Experience community – enjoy silence
In addition to the official program, joint activities often take place at Kientalerhof. A campfire, singing and dancing together, hikes, sauna or a common jump into the Chiene or the bio swimming pond during lunch break make the time in the Kiental very rich.
Even in phases of inner reflection and retreat, the wondrous nature in the Kien Valley offers valuable spaces for regeneration and integration.

Living together and helping in the house
You will live in shared rooms with other Workstudy participants, divided by gender.
Each week you will work 20 hours (4 hours a day, 5 days a week) in different areas such as housekeeping, kitchen, dishwashing or setting up course rooms. This will give you an insight into the processes in our house and, as a side effect, you will establish valuable contacts with our employees and guests. The two days off can be arranged as you wish. Occasionally one of the days off is used for the course offerings.
The Kientalerhof is an open and undogmatic house with a great variety. Everyone is welcome with his or her individual character traits, views and attitudes.
Our values
Mutual esteem and respect for the basic values of the Kientalerhof create a conducive space for togetherness. It is based on tolerance, service and participation in a larger organism, attentiveness, conscious experience in community and self-reflection, mutual support and sharing of joy and suffering.

Cuisine for people and the world
In 3-4 afternoons during your stay our chef Andi Bossert will introduce you to his philosophy of life and culinary art “Cooking for people and the world”.

You can choose three from this offer (click on the method to learn more about it):

Craniosacral Therapy
Trager Therapy
Esalen Massage
Systemic Constellations
Tibetan Cranial Therapy
Ayurveda Therapy
Butoh Dance

Dates, Costs and more informations:

Daten: respectively February – July / July – December

Costs: monthly CHF 500 incl. Accommodation, meals, program and introductory courses

More informations: If you need more info or are interested, feel free to contact Pablo:

We want to support people in finding and following their own path. We want to help them find out what is really important to them and what suits them, what their values and priorities are and from which sources they can draw strength. You can also find more information on the Workstudy Facebook Page.



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